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Lydie Ometto & InnerSeaYoga if now at

The Center for Life Expression, llp

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The Practice of yoga, a practice focused on the unification of the individual intelligence with the universal intelligence.

Yoga incorporates a series of posture/asanas, breathing exercises/pranayama, concentrating, intention and meditation all aligning towards a true expression of health within the bodies reflected from that inner place of deeper connection, inner peace and inner center-ness.

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Exciting workshops and individual yoga classes will be available soon as Lydie’s schedule comes to fruition, plus Yoga Therapy sessions geared towards your specific goals.

InnerSea Yoga is a Registered School with Yoga Alliance and offers Yoga Teacher Training Programs (Lydie Om. will be bringing the next one summer 2015).

Many beautiful approaches of Therapeutic and Energetic Massage Therapy are available by contacting Lydie Om. directly (423-914-0481).

Please, take a moment to check and browse our “BLOG” and share some of your personal comments on it.

                                       ” May you find your heart and life’s treasures within all Your Inner and outer Seas ”  ~ l.o.

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